A fee-only financial advisory firm with offices in Columbus and Springfield, Ohio. We do not sell any  products or receive any commissions or referral fees. Instead, our services are offered on a flat-fee basis and we are fee-only all the time. Our advice is objective because we work only for our clients.


Our approach is comprehensive; we offer advice on the full-range of financial topics, including investments, cash-flow, insurance, retirement, college, and estate planning. Taxes are the biggest bill most of us pay, so we spend extra time on tax planning; additionally, we prepare and file tax returns for our full-retainer clients.


When it comes to financial planning, one-size does not fit all, so our advice is tailored to your particular situation; we give you individual attention.  We apply our expertise and experience to help you clarify your personal and financial goals, plan a path to those goals and make appropriate financial choices along the way.


Phone: 614-340-0770

2094 Tremont Center, Suite 4

Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221